Mandø Inn

Mandø Inn
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At Mandø Inn peace and quite is a lifestyle  


The Inn

We can seat 120 dining guests, both for family gatherings, lunch, dinner, a weddings, birthdays and company parties. We also offer weekend accommodation and stays in double rooms. Originally the Inn, which was built before the year 1900, was used as a common gathering place. Since, it has been rebuilt and renovated several times while maintaining the original style. At the Inn we are inspired by the area surrounding Mandø, which provide tranquility, relaxation and time to chill. We strive to maintain the charme of the Inn with good Danish Inn food specially chosen for the area.


From 1. July - 16. August we offer a delicious lunch buffet all days of the week. In the buffet we have 6 different kinds of Home-marinated Herring, lamb sausage, smoked game, fresh potato salads alongside chicken-salad, tuna-salad and a ham-salad. We have 4 warm dishes and crispy salads, all served with freshly baked ryebread. For dinner we serve delicious Danish Inn food such as schnitzels, fried plaice or a steak. And for the children we make creative dishes especially for them. Additionally we serve local beer from our own brewery. 1. May - 30. June & 17. August - 17. October we offer à la carte, where a Herring platte or a beautiful shooting star can be enjoyed for lunch. For dinner we offer good Danish Inn food such as schnitzels, fried plaice or steaks. For the children we have creative dishes made especially for them.

Opening Hours
  1. May - 17. October 2020
Mandø Inn is open alongside the Tracktorbus' timetable.
  2. July - 16. August
The Inn is additionally open 10 AM till 10 PM Tuesday-Saturday.

Visitors at Mandø Inn always gain an experience with great groups of birds and a tranquility that provides peace of mind. We help create a beautiful atmosphere for your lunch, dinner, wedding, birthday or office gathering. Evening reservation necessary in low season by phone; +4561665675.