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About Mandø Inn & Tractorbuses

Call 61665675 everyday 8am - 8pm

The Story of Mandø Inn

The Inn was build before the year 1900, originally as a prindeligt som Community Hall.

Around 1936 - after a request from the newly formed Mandø-union - the large hall in the east was constructed for the very first Mandøparty. Hereafter, the Inn was really established. So much so, that in 1949 the northern building was expanded with rooms in the attic for the many holiday guests.

The has been renovated several times, but it is to this day kept in the original decor. 

In 2010 we, Jeff & Martin Brig Hansen, became the new owners. We are bringing the inn into the new century, with inspiration from the area around the island. Vi wish to maintain the old tradition, so a solid and well prepared meal can be enjoyed in the charming rooms at the Inn.

See you at the Inn!

Best Regards Martin & Jeff Brig Hansen


Martin Brig Hansen

You talk too him on the phone if you plan a visit, and you'll find his delicious marinaded herring on the menu.


Jeff Brig Hansen

You meet him at the Tractor-bus in Vester Vested and his knowledge on Mandø and the area is something he enjoys sharing.

Mandø lies in the midts of one of Denmarks nationalparks, and it is on UNESCO's Worldherritage list
Mandø Inn has an Elite Smiley, so we make sure you can enjoy a delicious meal after the trip across the Waddensea.