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Grouptour with Mandø Inn & Tractor-buses

Menu & Arrangements

Menu - Min. 20. pers

 A slice of bread with smoked salmon and dressing

B. Two tartelets with chicken in asparages
C. Summer salad with shrimp and homemade flüte

 Carbonades with stewed peas and carrots

B. Roast with beans & mushrooms with white potatoes and cloud sauce
C. Ham with vegetables and aspargessauce

Pancakes w. ice cream
B. Old fashion apple cake
C. Prune trifle

Entré, starter or dessert kr. 179,00
Addition of 3. dish 39,00 kr.

Combine your menu as you prefer 


Menus and prices include driving with Mandø Tractor-buses & a guided tour in Mandø city with our local guide.

We arrange dining for both company trips, weekend trips, family trips & bustours.
Trips to Koresand / Sealsafari can be purchased with these offers.

The dishes mentioned er naturally just suggestions, so should you have any wishes, then we would like to work something out just for your trip.

For more information, please contact:

Martin Brig Hansen
Tlf.  +45 61 66 56 75

Buffet - Min. 30 people

Buffet w. cold and warm dishes

6 different kinds of homemade herring
Lamb sausage
Smoked Game
2 Delicious potato salads 
Fresh chicken-salad, tuna-salad & ham-salad
Cream potato, Rösti & Vegetarian springrolls
Meatballs, Fishfilets & Hot Wings.
(The warm dishes may variate)

4 large fresh summer salads
Homemade bread

189,00 kr. incl. drive trip/return to Mandø

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