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Party at Mandø Inn

Mandø Inn is hosting both  larger and smaller parties every year

We believe, that out experience and creativity can temp you, and that we may plan an arrangement which fulfil just your wishes for a party or get-together. 

Whether you are having a Wedding, Birthday, Office Party or a family lunch, it is important for us that the arrangement is in keeping with your wishes.

The offer below only apply to groups of a minimum of 20 people. 

*Subject to Error- & Price alterations.



Do you need inspiration for a party that will be more than the usual?  dWe can help you with that too:

 Drive to Mandø in our Tractor-busses
→ Have a guidet tour on our charming island with a local guide
→ Have a picnic made to enjoy in nature
→ Drive to Koresand and visit the Seals

We can organise and inspire - so please contact us, and let us know how we can help you create an unforgettable day. We offer both full-day tours & half-day tours. And our offers are only suggestions, as we are ready to tailor a day full of experience especially for you!

Contact Martin at +45 61665675

Suggestion 1

Drive with Mandø Traktor-buses
Coffee & Cake
3 Course menu w. beer/soda & wine ad libitum (from 18.00 - 23.00)
Evening coffee
649,- pr. person


Suggestion 2

Drive with Mandø Tractor-buses
Coffee & Cake
3 Course menu w. beer/soda & wine ad libitum (max. 7 hours)
Evening coffee - liquor 
Late night snack
799,- pr. person


Suggestion 3

Drive with Mandø Tractor-buses
Picnic basket to take out
Trip to Koresand (Sealsafari)
Coffee & Cake
3 Course menu w. beer/soda & wine ad libitum
Evening coffee w. liquor
Late night snack
899,- pr. person

Contact us for a booking