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The Tide & Mandø

The Road to Mandø

The road to Mandø floods 2 times every 24 hours. This is why our Tracktor-buses have a timetable that fits with the low tide. Getting to know the tide is a way for both tourists and the local citizens of the island to go back and forth to the island on a daily basis.
In a private car, the water level should be around 30 cm or less. Since it is saltwater which floods the road, we are driving slowly and nicely to protect our vehicles from rust. We also wash the tractors after every drive.

On few occasions we can experience too bad wind and weather for us to cross. But mostly we manage just fine with our set schedule. 

You can check the tide by viewing the following link for Ribe Kammersluse at DMI's website. This helps if you are considering a visit or simply would like to see how the tide changes. You can also learn more about the low and high tides at the danish Coast Directorate's website.
If you are in the area it is also a fascinating experience to visit The Waddensea centre for some insight into the rising and falling history of the ocean. 


See you for a ride across the WaddenSea !

Best Regards, Martin & Jeff Brig Hansen

Mandø lies in the middle of the Waddensea, and the road had a different view every single day as the water level changes.
We are driving on the road named Låningsvejen mostly. But from time to time we will drive on the ocean bottom at Ebbevej which is marked out next to the real road.